Restoration Stories from Villa Finale

Things are going so swimmingly at Villa Finale regarding its restoration that we thought we’d bring you the second installment of videos documenting the work.  Our lovely hostess, Sylvia Hohenshelt, chose a few key spots in the house to talk about it.  The most striking thing is the emptiness and the  windowless-ness (is that a word?) rooms.   That aside, yes, the windows are being removed and restored, and beautiful brass weather-stripping is being installed (using ten thousand brass nails for the entire project!), sash cords replaced,  glazing removed and replaced, etc.   All exterior doors will be restored, as well.  The back porches, which Sylvia describes as being less than stable, are also being restored.   Next week we plan to move all of the furniture and boxed objects from the north side of the house to the south side, so work may begin on the south.  Enjoy the show!

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