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  1. savannah170 Says:

    Hello,I have included my visit here for readers of Villa Finale’s blog. Now that Villa Finale is a National Trust Historic Site, we want to make people aware of the importance of historic preservation as well as inspire others, much like Walter Mathis did, to become actively involved in the effort.

  2. Gladys Bryant Birdwell Says:

    I am the great grand daughter of Dillard Rucker Fant who resided for several years after his retirement from the cattle business at 401 King William Street in San Antonio. Is was a pleasure to see the information and photos. I’d especially like to thank cousin Patsy for sending the photos. I have the photo of Lucille Fant in front of the house but did not who it was until now. My mother was a child of Agnes Fant Ramsey, one of DR Fant’s children

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