It IS Exciting to Watch Paint Dry!

With a fresh coat of paint and a newly completed trellis, here is the latest update on Villa Finale’s Visitor Center.

–Sylvia Hohenshelt

Visitor Center Update: February 23, 2009

Here is our latest video on the progress of our Visitor Center. We wanted to give you all a better idea of where exactly it is located and how much things inside have changed since our last update. Enjoy!

Visitor Center: A Work in Progress

Meg and I have been hard at work designing exhibits for the visitor center.  We have two exhibits in the works: one permanent based on Villa Finale’s four main themes, and a temporary exhibit which will serve as a preview for the collections found within the main house.  To give you a better idea what to expect inside the visitor center, we have created this short (and very rough) video for your viewing “pleasure.”  Enjoy!