Villa Finale staff celebrates its first anniversary of public tours

Now that we have completed our first year of public tours, Villa Finale Guide, Becky McColley and her husband, Joe were gracious enough to host a potluck at their residence this past weekend to mark the occasion.

While Becky and Joe provided the main entrée, members of our staff brought along a variety of tasty dishes such as arroz con pollo (chicken and rice), deviled eggs, au gratin potatoes, and several delicious desserts.  Best of all, however, was the company that evening – we certainly couldn’t ask to work with a better group of people.  Villa Finale’s National Trust staff recognizes the invaluable contributions our volunteer corps makes each and every single day.  While it may sound cliché, we certainly couldn’t do everything we do without our wonderful Volunteer Staff.

Thank you again, Villa Finale staff — here’s to a long future to come!

Would you like to be a part of our Volunteer Staff?  Click here for more information or to download a volunteer application.

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