I Dream of Yard Sales….

..like the kind that Walter Mathis had back in 2002 0r 2003.  According to my predecessor, Mr. Mathis, knowing that he was leaving the house to the National Trust, wanted to rid himself of everything that he found extraneous, and so he held a yard sale.   He had boxes of antique German Christmas ornaments, rare prints and drawings, oriental rugs, one-of-a-kind posters, antique Texas pieces, fine china and more.  Although I was not present for this extravaganza, I had a little taste of it while cleaning out the Carriage House for our second auction of unaccessioned objects.  As mentioned in last year’s post about our first auction, Villa Finale’s staff very carefully assembled objects that were never part of the site’s permanent collection and are not at all integral to the site’s interpretation and placed them in the hands of Vogt Auction Galleries, to be sold at public auction.

I noticed, as I was organizing the items to be sent over this time, that there were handwritten price tags on many of the objects–handwritten by Mr. Mathis himself.   The most amazing things were three antique circus posters and the mother-of-all-great-graphic-design posters, an original 1968 Hemisfair poster, giant in size, inscribed to Mr. Mathis and signed by the artist–Robert Indiana.  BUT, that too had a Mathis-written price tag stuck on the glass.  So away it went.  It was obvious to me that Mr. Mathis wanted to get rid of these things, and for Villa Finale it can only be beneficial.  All money earned from these auctions goes in to a restricted fund used for permanent collection conservation.

This year’s auction will be held tomorrow at 7 p.m.  Here is the linkThere is on-line bidding for the posters only.  They are beautiful, and all San Antonio based.

–Meg Nowack

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