Rob vs Food, San Antonio

In celebration of San Antonio’s feature in the upcoming Man vs Food, I thought I would take a trip through some of my favorite places in SA to carb load.  We sure know how to eat here in central Texas!

In no particular order … here are my top six.

Patty’s Taco House #1

2422 S Hackberry 78210 (eastside) 210 534 3395

I lied, this really is my number one. I don’t know if there is a Patty, but if there is, I would like to thank her.  This is a favorite lunch escape of mine … good food, great prices.  I don’t know about the rest of the menu, but I always get the gordita platter.  A fresh corn tortilla pocket filled with meat and love.  I could eat the fresh corn tortillas all day, if it weren’t for the eventual morbid obesity that would be sure to follow.

Josephine St Steaks & Whiskey #2

400 E Josephine St (central) 210 224 7181

There’s a lot in a name, but sad to say I have never had steak or whiskey at Josephine St … not that I would be opposed to either.  What I love at this place is the chicken fried chicken.  Super YUM!  Combine it with a wilt salad (bizarre, but good) and you will have a satisfied tummy.  Cozy booth seating is also a plus and since it is generally not as crowded at the Liberty Bar next door, you can get in quick and get “yer grub.”

Liberty Bar #3

328 East Josephine 210 227 1187

Yes, I love this place … it can be loud, crowed, pretentious … but I love it.  It is as San Antonio to me as eating toast and smoking at Earl Abel’s at 1am(at it’s original location on broadway).  The Liberty Bar’s menu is intense but, Pear and Stilton cheese salad for me, please!  And keep that bread coming!  I hear they are moving to St Benedicts on S Alamo and rumor has it they will close down the Josephine location all together.  Too sad … I will miss those wonky floors.

Tycoon Flats #4

2926 N St Mary’s 210 320 0819

Let’s stay in the Monte Vista area and take trip to Tycoon Flats.  Now many of you, including myself, haunted this haven on St Mary’s when we were just little marys and moes ourselves.  Well all those things that made it special in the 80’s and early 90’s has returned!  Yum Yum burgers and margaritas on the patio while listening to local music.  Not only is it GLBT family friendly but kid friendly, too!  You don’t get more Texas than a kiddie playground inside a drinking establisment.  Go there now.

Chris Madrids #5

1900 Blanco Rd 210 735 3552 (Alta Vista area)

Burger burger burgers.

Cheese cheese cheese.


Yes, it is that good. I want to be there right now.

Jim’s #6

4108 Broadway 210 828 5120 ( just off Hildebrand)

Anyone who grew up here hung out at Jim’s at one time or another.  Coffee for hours and you probably didn’t even leave a tip.  For shame!  This place has a special place in my heart.  When I moved to Seattle a good friend of mine stole a Jim’s Menu and mailed it to me … it’s still on my fridge.  Cinnamon ice cream and apple pie is the thing for me.

Well, the edible options in this city are endless.  We may not have the best-in-world cuisine but we have comfort food down!  So wear your elastic pants, pack some tums in your pocket and go get something to eat!

Sylvia shows the lack of food in the staff fridge - time to take one of Rob's suggestions!

Sylvia shows the lack of food in the staff fridge - time to take one of Rob's suggestions!


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