It’s 103 … go swimming!

 When the temperature goes triple digit, you have to find somewhere to swim. Sad to say, but most folks don’t know that we have over 2 dozen public pools in the city and they are $ free $. See the list here:

San Pedro Park pool located on the fringes of Monte Vista on at 1315 San Pedro Ave (across from SAC) is by far my favorite public pool. Where else can you swim under ancient cypress trees in the city? The San Antonio River comes to mind but swimming there is never intentional, purely accidental.

San Pedro Park is the second oldest park in the US; the Boston Common is older. But that is also a matter of perspective. People have been coming to the springs in the park for over 12,000 years. That is a very long time.

Chances are you won’t see the springs running today with our aquifer level so low. Many of the aquecias some of us may remember from our childhood are gone. Only the stone bridges remain over the filled in trenches … which looks kinda odd if you didn’t know what was there before.

Did you know San Pedro Park once housed Camels for the Military … that and many other things can be learned at the the following link.

So go cool off and share the water with hundreds of other equally hot people, and be proud that you are doing it in a place that has been a refuge from the heat for a long long time.

Rob Abodeely

 san pedro park poolRob and friends.


2 Responses to “It’s 103 … go swimming!”

  1. Jenna Says:

    Hooray for free summer fun and our city full of fascinating history!

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