Tourist in your own town

We would like to officially welcome Rob Abodeely, Villa Finale’s new Museum Shop Manager to our staff!  Rob is a San Antonio native – the only one on staff – and is therefore very knowledgeable about the city.  (Meg and I particularly want to thank him for his Mexican restaurant suggestion last week!)  We would also like to welcome him as a regular contributor to our blog with this, his first post.  Welcome Rob!  — Sylvia Hohenshelt

So often we drive past our downtown and never stop to enjoy all that it has to offer. What a shame!

Well you should make a special trip to this place … Schilo’s at 424 E Commerce (that’s right between Casa Rio and the parking garage … park in the garage) It’s a great German Restaurant right in the heart of the city! No more trekking to New Braunfels for your jagersnitzel … now you can go there for the Hummel Museum instead and the water park … in that order.

This gem of a restaurant makes their own rootbeer (yum) most items are under $8.00 AND you can get a deviled egg for a side. Eighteen side orders of deviled egg please!

So next time you are passing by our fair and diverse downtown, stop by Schilo’s and eat. I’ll be in the corner eating all those deviled eggs.  — Rob Abodeely

Schilo's in downtown San Antonio.

Schilo's in downtown San Antonio.


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