Packing up is hard to do.

Yes, I’m packing up my office for our big move to the new Visitor Center.  It always amazes me how much junk a person can accumulate in three short years in an office…I truly believe that ketchup and soy sauce packets reproduce exponentially if left alone in drawers.  There is no way I actually put all of those in my desk.  Seriously.   

Anyway, yes, Sylvia and I are moving our offices to the Visitor Center on Monday.  Our new shop manager also starts work on Monday, and  he’s got all sorts of fabulous ideas for our museum shop, so stay tuned for that.  Our exhibit cases will be delivered next week too, and they are gorgeous!  We plan to have the Visitor Center open by the end of the summer, with two exhibits and shop up and running. 

It’s the end of an era leaving the Carriage House, but we’re all excited to have reached a significant milestone in our development.  I can’t thank everyone at Villa Finale enough for everything they’ve done to make it all happen!

–Sandra Smith


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