Introducing Our New Logo!

Our new logo

Villa Finale's New Logo

As you’ve been reading here for some months now, the process of transitioning Villa Finale from a private home to a public museum has been quite a varied one.   Some of the tasks are very exciting, like the construction of our Visitor Center, while some are rather less so.  Our latest milestone is the development of Villa Finale’s logo, and the staff couldn’t be happier. 

It’s been a long process – one we started in-house at least six months ago with a number of long discussions about who we think we are as an organization, and how we see the organization years from now.  It’s a hard thing, creating an identity for an organization that in some ways is really yet to be.  In the end, we all agreed that we wanted a logo that was aestheticly pleasing, both contemporary and traditional –  much like Villa Finale – and one that drew on the beauty of the house and grounds.  We even drafted a page-long list of adjectives of what we wanted the logo to convey – now that was an exercise for sure.  At the end of all of our discussions, we all had a clear idea of what the logo should say and do.  That was the hard part, right?  Ha! 

Even with the wonderful artistic and design abilities of Meg and Sylvia, we just couldn’t get at it.  We’ve got lots of beautiful and exquisitely created options – and I’m sure we’ll have plenty of places to use them in various publications, etc. – but there was just never one that we felt was IT. 

Marley Diehl to the rescue!  Marley is a graphic designer who agreed to professionally design our logo for us.  The fact that she actually lives in King William seemed like a huge advantage to us because she knows the neighborhood and already had a strong idea of what Villa Finale is.  And boy, she nailed it.  As soon as we saw this one, we were hooked – and we hope that you all like it too!

By the way, the inspiration for the design can be found in one of the pictures on this website.  See if you can find it!

–Sandra Smith


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