Research and You Shall Find

Meg outside the famous Texas shrine.

Meg outside the famous Texas shrine.

When I accepted this position, I knew that a big part of my responsibilities would be working side-by-side with the Manager of Curatorial Resources on exhibits for the Visitor Center.  Meg Nowack had not been hired for that position at the time but I was glad when she was because we work well together and are on the same page as far as our vision for exhibits.  It’s also great that we can joke with one another to break the tension when the mountain of research ahead of us feels like Mount Everest!

Thankfully, we’ve had some wonderful help with what would seem like a daunting climb.  San Antonio has an incredible pool of resources just waiting for eager researchers to tap into its rich waters.  One of the places we visited was the Library at the Institute of Texan Cultures where we found a variety of images relating to the King William neighborhood and Walter Mathis.  The staff at the ITC was very friendly and eager to help.

Me just outside the DRT Library.

Me just outside the DRT Library.

Currently, we are conducting research at the Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library at the Alamo complex.  Just like the ITC, the staff has been friendly and quick to help us with our many inquiries.  Our visits have been so frequent that they recognize us as soon as we walk through the door!  We still have many more collections to research at the DRT Library alone and with the opening of the Visitor Center now in sight, time is of the essence.

Whether you are researching a paper for school or are want to look into a subject for your personal interest, do visit one of these great  San Antonio resources or find one in your neck of the country.  The information is out there and waiting for inquiring researchers!


–Sylvia Hohenshelt


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