Villa Finale’s Big Adventure

Last weekend, the Villa Finale staff took a fantastic weekend trip to Rockport, Texas, where we spent some time at the Mathis family home.   While we were there, we visited the Fulton Mansion in (where else?) Fulton, Texas.  The mansion is contemporary with Villa Finale – actually, they’re a bit older, by two years! – and is built in the French Second Empire style.  It bears some resemblance to the Steves Homestead here in King William, which was built in 1876, also in the French Second Empire style. 

We met with the staff at the Fulton Mansion during our visit and learned a great deal about how they manage their tours, security, and other logistics.  It is always so helpful to see how other historic sites deal with these issues, even though every site is unique. 

One major difference in our approaches is that the Fulton Mansion is interpreted to the late 19th century, at the time the Fulton family lived there.  Villa Finale, however, will be interpreted to a period late in Mr. Mathis’s life, about the year 2000.  That gives us a lot of advantages – we have all of the original furnishings, we have access to Mr. Mathis’s contemporaries and family to ask questions, and frankly, a big advantage is that we’ve all lived through the year 2000 and have a great understanding of that “historic” era!

Here’s a video the staff created while we were there:

–Sandra Smith


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