Visitor Center: Transition from Demo to Construction

Exciting times are here for the staff at Villa Finale, we have visions of nail guns dancing in our heads … I hope that we do not hear a clatter on the rooftop because that work is not scheduled to start yet.  We are seeing more and more progress every day on the visitor center.  The project is now starting to transition from the “Selective” Demolition phase, to the Construction phase.  The skeletal iron work  and the forms for the new concrete that is being poured for the “New” Entrance and filling in of the old loading dock. 


Interior walls are starting to get framed. 


The contractors have also started to cut the concrete slab floors for the new plumbing that will be going in. 









Stay tuned for more stories of construction in the New Year.  Until then, Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night!!!

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