West to Southwest for the Holidays

Crafts at Homestead Museum

Crafts at A Southern California Christmas

Living history at Homestead Museum event

Living history at A Southern California Christmas

The hardest part about coming to work on the Villa Finale project was leaving so many family and friends behind in southern California. Fortunately, I recently had a chance to spend some quality time with many of them for the holidays. I even spent some time with one of my former colleagues, and dearest friends, from the Homestead Museum in the City of Industry. Incidentally, congratulations to all my former colleagues for putting on yet another successful,  A Southern California Christmas, their big holiday event; it was strange not being a part of it after nearly twelve years!

Being in San Antonio, however has given me the opportunity to experience the different Christmas traditons offered throughout the city.  It has been extra special here in King William.  I have enjoyed driving into work and seeing the slow holiday transformation of several homes.  It’s nice to see the pride so many homeowners take when decorating their home’s exteriors, and many have chosen to decorate with historic accuracy to the neighborhood’s era.  It’s truly a pleasure to work at such a fascinating place with so many great new friends and colleagues.  — Here are just some of the homes decorated for the season along King William street.





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