Rescue Me!

Wantwo Visits the Office.
Wantwo Visits Villa Finale.

The other day, one of our neighbor’s cats decided to pay us a visit.  If you’ve been in King William, no doubt you’ve seen this little black cat, following her owner and her four canine brothers and sisters on their daily walk.  (It’s quite a sight, as you can imagine!)  Lately, though, the cat, Wantwo (pronounced wan-too) has been dropping by the office at Villa Finale whenever they pass by.  Her periodic visits got us thinking about Walter Mathis’s cat Cupcake, a former stray.  Cupcake had the smarts to decide to make Villa Finale her home, and Mr. Mathis adored her.   He must have – to let a cat wander in and around his collection!

Cupcake Surveys the World Outside Villa Finale.

Cupcake Surveys the World Outside Villa Finale.

San Antonio is well-known for having an enormous number of stray animals, and King William, with its proximity to the river, has new cats and dogs visiting every day.  They’re lucky – a number of our neighbors are actively involved in animal rescue, so many of those that find their way here do end up in shelters, with a great shot at finding a home. 

Mr. Mathis did a wonderful thing by providing Cupcake a home (she’s now living with a friend), and in honor of that, the staff decided to make our annual holiday gift to a local rescue organization, SNIPSA, in her honor.  The staff at Villa Finale are all animal lovers – if you haven’t noticed already from previous posts.  We recently discovered that among the four of us, we currently have 10 cats and 3 dogs – 10 of which are rescues!  I guess you might say we collect animals the way Mr. Mathis collected…well, everything!

Here are a few of the staff’s critters: 










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