Villa Finale and the King William Historic District News

To borrow a phrase from Diane Rehm, I thought it was time for a Monday News Roundup.  We’ve got a couple interesting things to report:

Yesterday, 30,000 runners passed by Villa Finale in the inaugural San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon – making this marathon the largest inaugural running event in history!  I heard a number of runners on the course commenting to each other on the beauty of the King William neighborhood (at mile 9.5 – so they still had plenty of breath left at that point), and some runners even took the time to tell the King William residents who cheered them on how lovely their homes were.  All in all, it was a great event, and I managed to get a few pictures as well:

Runners passing by Villa Finale.

Runners passing by Villa Finale.

Even Santa joined the race!

Even Santa joined the race!

(Note to self: It’s time to buy a new digital camera.  This one got dropped and now all my pictures are blurry on the left side.) 

In other news, Villa Finale is featured in a large neighborhood mural that was recently completed with the sponsorship of the King William Association.  The mural was created as a grafitti deterrent, as that wall was a frequent target of taggers.  So far it’s been a very successful solution!  Read more about it on page 8 here












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