Visit from Eastern Michigan University and their Preservation Program Alumni

Chris and Dr. Ligibel

This past Saturday, October 25, we had a visit from Eastern Michigan University (EMU) and some Alums of their Historic Preservation Program.  Some of you may be wondering why EMU would be visiting San Antonio?  EMU’s Administration and their Development like to spend part of their time doing Alumni outreach and recognition that are scattered across the country.  As a part of these Alumni Events the University likes to highlight the different programs offered at EMU.  This visit, they decided to talk about the Historic Preservation Program which is guided by Dr. Theodore Ligibel.  For those of you who may not be familiar with the Preservation Program at EMU I will give you a little background on the program.  Founded in 1979, the EMU program is one of the oldest Historic Preservation Programs in the country.  It is also one of the largest and offers a minor in Historic Preservation along with a Master of Science in 4 different Course of Study paths.  Myself being a product of EMU and, more specifically, the Preservation Program, Dr. Ligibel if we could provide a preview of Villa Finale for a small group and explain the process that we are going through to prepare the site to open as a museum to the public.

We had a small group of 8 administrators and alums that attended our roughly one hour presentation of the site.  I must say, that it was very satisfying for me to have this distinguished group of professionals come to see what and how we are doing here.  It is not every day that you get to see a museum being created and for most people it is a very interesting and exciting thing to see, and from the comments of our EMU guests, they felt the same way.

Sylvia, Meg, and Chris enjoying the Menger reception.

After we had our preview of Villa Finale the University was nice enough to invite the Villa Finale staff to the Alumni party that they were hosting at the Menger Hotel in the heart of downtown San Antonio.  We enjoyed drinks and appetizers while mingling with the larger group of EMU alumni.  Dr. Martin, President of EMU, opened the evening with a status report on the University.  Dr. Ligibel then spoke about the Historic Preservation Program and the history and development of the preservation movement world-wide and in the U.S.  The evening was concluded with a group photo shoot and a good time was had by all.

Eastern Michigan University Alumni


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