Introducing Villa Finale’s First Volunteers!

One of the most important steps of any museum is establishing a successful volunteer program.  Villa Finale has taken the first steps toward that goal by accepting the first three members of what we hope will be a thriving volunteer staff.  It is our pleasure to introduce them to everyone:

Collections volunteer, Merribell Parsons.

Collections extraordinaire, Merribell Parsons.

Merribell Parsons– Merribell has joined our new volunteer force primarily working with the collection assisting Manager of Curatorial Resources, Meg Nowack, in a variety of tasks.  Recently, Merribell has provided her valuable assistance in researching Villa Finale’s decorative arts, most recently the origins of Napoleon Bonaparte’s death mask.  Merribell is no stranger to this type of work.  She received her M.A. from the Institute of Fine Arts in New York and was employed by institutions like the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and is currently president of her own museum consulting firm.  Among her many talents, Merribell speaks Italian and French, and has been actively involved in historic house preservation.  It was through her active involvement in San Antonio’s museum community that she had the opportunity to meet Walter Mathis. 

Laura hard at work.

Laura hard at work.

Aaron and Laura Webb– Aaron and Laura answered our online call for oral history volunteers last month and have already begun working on transcribing interviews for Restoring Voices.  When not at their 9 to 5 jobs, Aaron and Laura stay just as busy offering their time in a variety of volunteer programs with places like the Walker Saddle Light Institute for Therapeutic Horseback Riding, and Artpace where they can channel their love for contemporary and traditional art.  In addition, they share a common passion with Villa Finale’s permanent staff, the love of animals.  They have three dogs: a mutt, a Schnauzer, and a Great Dane.

Aaron focused on an oral history recording.

Aaron focused on an oral history recording.

They also enjoy a variety of activities.  Laura is passionate about dance, health and fitness, music, and movies.  Aaron enjoys studying history and world events, and participates in endurance sports like swimming and cycling.  It should also be noted that they have created their own blog in which they are documenting training for San Antonio’s inaugural Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon on November 16, an event they both intend to run.


Villa Finale is very excited to welcome Merribell, Laura, and Aaron to our new volunteer staff.  We hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Would you like to be a part of Villa Finale?  Click on the “Get Involved” section at the top of the page for more information or email us at


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