Goodbye, Ike

Well, Ike has left Texas, and thankfully, bypassed San Antonio completely.  The staff spent half the day Friday getting ready just in case – closing both the interior and exterior shutters in order to protect the historic glass, moving plants to shelter, etc.  Luckily, none of the preparations were needed, but if nothing else, it was a good dry (no pun intended) run for the future – and after what happened last summer, we weren’t taking any chances.

Word is slowing coming in about the damage to the coast and its historic buildings.  Our friends at the Galveston Historical Foundation have scattered, but are trying to set up shop elsewhere in the state, so they can get back to work.  GHF is partnering with the National Trust for Historic Preservation to develop a list of structural engineers and architects who may be willing to go to Galveston and help out.  Here’s the link.

And Ike keeps going…rains from Ike have flooded the Fox River in Illinois, and now the Farnsworth House is under water.  The top two pictures on this page are just heartbreaking.  The Farnsworth House was built to be above the 100-year flood mark, but with changes to the local environment, and the addition of more and more asphalt, much more water is going into the river than when the house was built.  I worked on the Farnsworth House after the National Trust for Historic Preservation purchased the site in 2003, and fell in love with it.  It’s absolutely a must-see.


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