Introducing “Restoring Voices:” Villa Finale’s oral history project

After ordering and testing audio equipment, creating the necessary forms, and writing and rewriting the project’s mission statement (and then rewriting it some more), I am proud to announce that Villa Finale will finally be kicking off its oral history project called Restoring Voices, this Wednesday evening July 2nd at the King William Social.  That night, King William residents will have the opportunity to share stories about life in this great historic neighborhood, restoration of their homes and of course, their remembrances of Walter Mathis.  With these valuable first hand accounts, the project aims to provide a greater public awareness of the importance of preservation in the historic neighborhoods that make San Antonio unique.  Oral histories will be used for such things as research, public programming, and exhibits at Villa Finale.

The interviews will range anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes in length, just to give participants a feel for what the process is like with the hopes of scheduling a full-length interview at a later date.  If you should happen to be attending the King William Social, please stop by the Carriage House (where interviews will be taking place) and record your story for posterity.  If you should happen to be a little “microphone shy” stop by anyway, I will personally be conducting interviews and would love to meet you.  Stay “tuned” for more Restoring Voices updates.


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